Australia Business Migration

Australia Business Migration (Subclass 188)

This immigration program is for experienced and high net-worth business individuals only and provides a smooth and confirmed pathway for permanent residents. Businessmen can migrate with their families to Australia through these programs and can settles themselves as well as their businesses there.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for this program, the applicant has to score required points in the following factors. Points are awarded for each factor upon production of recognized documents. The factors are:



English Language Ability

Business Turnover


Business Experience

A qualifying applicant is required to score minimum 65 points in the above factors. An application falling below 65 points will be unsuccessful. For information on how points are awarded for each factor, please click here.



Step 1:  The process for this immigration application is initiated with seeking nomination from desired state / territory of Australia. Each state / territory of Australia has designed his own process for nomination of business persons and applicants can choose to apply in their choicest state / territory provided that they meet its requirements. For example, applicant wishing to set business and live in Melbourne will seek nomination from Victoria State. Likewise, those wishing to go to Sydney have to apply at New South Wales (NSW) state. This step takes nearly 2 months to complete and allows 2 more months for the next step.

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Step 2: Upon successful grant of nomination from the desired state, the applicant moves to the second step of the process which is “Applying for Visa”. The visa process goes online and the applicant has to supply all the required information and documentation for this visa which includes personal documents, business documents, documents of business operation and turnover, documents of assets ownership claim, family documents, character documents, health documents etc.

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 The generally required documents for this casework are:


-Current Passport (Main Page)

-Previous Passports  Main Pages (Last 10 yrs)

-All Stamped Pages of All Passports (Last 10 yrs)


-Degrees and Transcripts (All qualifications since Sec School)

-Business NTN Certificate

-Business Tax Returns (last 2 years)

– Income Tax Returns (last 2years)

– FBR Wealth Statements (last 2 years)

– Business Bank Statement (for best 2 of the last 5 fiscal years showing annual turnover of AUD500,000 or more)

– Documents of assets owned by Applicant and/or his spouse (Real Estate/Jewelry/Vehicles/Receivables)

– Marriage Certificate



-Current Passport (Main Page)

-Previous Passports  Main Pages (Last 10 yrs)

-All Stamped Pages of All Passports (Last 10 yrs)

-CNIC (where applicable)

-Degrees and Transcripts (All qualifications since Sec School)



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