Our Successful Clients for Australia Business Migration


We have collected below the information about a few of our successful clients for Australian Business Migration. For client confidentiality, the personal details of the cases have been kept hidden.

  1. A Trader

Our most recent successful migrant to Australia (through business migration subclass 188) was a partner of a trading company who held the required percentage ownership which could qualify for this program. Being a female yet a very experienced business woman, this lady carried a fine documentation of her business turnover, operations and business success. Her assets, English language ability and educational qualifications were also suitable for this program. The client moved to Australia as recently as in March 2018 and is now living there with her family. Her business proposal for Australia however is not trading but setting up a retail business of fuel station / grocery store / garments.


  1. A Real Estate Consultant

Another successful case for year 2018 is of an experienced Real Estate Consultant who had experience in sale/purchase and rental consultancy in Karachi. The client had professional working background as well and was an M.B.A. These factors made him a young, educated and a wealthy applicant for this case due to which his eligibility was very smooth for his case. The client sought nomination from Victoria State (Melbourne) and plans to go into export business. He has taken many lines of this business in option and will choose from them to base his Export line from. His considerations include sea food, dairy products and other agricultural products and he thinks that with Australia being rich in export of all these items, he can soon have a well-established export business.


  1. A Former Australian Student

It is popularly known that anyone who has ever been to Australia wants to make it his second home, if immigration is his intention. We have seen visitors, workers and not to mention students finding legal settlement ways in Australia after having been there. Our third client was a student who completed a diploma program in Australia and spent nearly a year there. He belonged to a business family and was intending to set up his own business. His preference came up to be Australia and his reasons to believe in Australia’s suitability as the proposed country of his business was the economic stability, buying power of the locals and the peaceful and systematic business environment. He sought nomination from the state where he had lived as a student and with his qualifying status, he became fully eligible for this program.

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