Highly Skilled Workers


The Danish Green Card Scheme has been repealed as per the announcement of Danish Immigration Authority made on 10-Jun-2016. New applicants are no longer eligible to apply for this category, however, those who applied for it before the above date may still be able to obtain this residence permit, should their applications meet the requirements.

Interested skilled workers may therefore consider Skilled Migration options of other countries and can send us their profile on info@mislegal.org for assessment.

For those looking for Denmark Residency Options only, the good news is that, the Danish Self-Employed Worker Program is still open. MIS-Legal can assist you in obtaining Danish Temporary / Permanent Residence through this program. Detailed information on the Self-Employed Worker Program is available here.

Denmark Self-Employed Residence Program

Denmark Business Residence Permit

·         For Innovative Self-Employed Persons with sound capital and pioneering business ideas.

·         Available for those applicants who establish an inventive economic activity in Denmark which can contribute to growth and new employment there.  This scheme can also be used by two persons who wish to establish a company together.

·         Successful applicants are allowed to come to live in Denmark with their dependents. They get temporary residence (i.e. minimum 2 years) and on completion of this period they can apply for extension which is allowed for 3 years at a time.

·         Investment: (As required for intended business)

·         Process Time: 6 months

·         Process:

1)       Register with us

2)       Give us all required documents (as advised by us).

3)       We prepare your appropriate business application and submit it toDanish Authority that will review it in two (2) months time.

4)       Upon review, if satisfied, the Danish Authority will approve the business application and will advise you to submit Residence Application with Danish Immigration Dept.

5)       We shall submit your Residence Application with Danish Immigration Dept that will process it in 3 months time.

6)       If satisfied with the application, the Danish Immigration Authority will approve the Residence Application and will advise you to submit passport in Danish Embassy Islamabad for Visa Stamping.

7)       Upon grant of visa, you will travel to Denmark and collect your Business Residence Permit (valid for 2 years)