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As part of countries’ aim to foster family reunification, the Dependent Children visa allows citizens and permanent residents of the above countries (who are living in in these countries) to apply to sponsor their or their partner's dependent or adopted children. Sponsors must be able to show that their children are still dependent upon them and/or the various requirements relating to the adoption of the children have been met. Once granted, dependent children will be given permanent residence and the right to join their sponsoring parent(s) in the country where they live.

In order to apply for the Dependant Child(ren) visa, prospective sponsor(s) must show that the children they are sponsoring are related to them. This relationship must be proven through the officially recognized documents only and each country has its own standard of this type of documentation. Incomplete or incorrect format documentation, if use in these cases, can result in unnecessary delays or even refusals of the application therefore applicants are advised to seek proper consultation from immigration experts in order to compile the best possible applications. Any dependent children, who are granted permanent residence under the Family Class, will have the right to live, work and study in in the immigration country indefinitely.

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