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Fiance Visa is for those intending parties who have a genuine and continuing commitment of marrying and living together. This is in the case when the parties have not solemnized their marriage formally and are just in a relationship which is recognized by their friends and family. Such parties may have the opportunity (through the Fiance Visa) to enter the country of residence of their future spouse for a limited period and conclude their marriage process there. To obtain this visa it is necessary for applicants to fulfil the basic prerequisites set out by the Immigration Authorities of their desired country. Regardless of whether the application is made abroad or in the desired country, or if applicants are applying for an extension (where applicable), the main requirements are more or less similar.

At the time of submitting the visa application, applicants for a Spouse/Civil Partner visa must demonstrate that they are in genuine relationship and intend to marry. The intention for marriage cannot just be shown by undertaking to do so rather evidences of physical arrangements for this intended marriage must be available.

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