Certain countries allow skilled worker to arrive on temporary basis for the purpose of job search. In this situation, the applicant is allowed a temporary visa for a short period which can be three to nine months long. The applicant has the opportunity through this visa to travel to country of visa and search for job there. The sough job has to be as a full-time permanent employee and this does not include short term technical or part time jobs. Since this visa category is for the purpose of attracting skilled workers only, the applicants with limited qualification, little or no work experience or limited English language ability are not recommended to consider it. The criteria for job search visa grant is very complexed and only genuine applicants with high employ ability may be considered for the grant of this visa.

At MIS-Legal, we offer full consultation service to skilled workers to seek immigration opportunities abroad. This includes advice and assistance with this visa category as well and we welcome qualifying applicants to seek our consultation. However, it is strongly intimated that non-qualifying applicants (such as students, undergraduates or those with very general or no work experience) do not apply for it.

Interested applicants can submit their profiles to us via email on info@mislegal.org or y completing our Free Online Assessment Form. Only qualifying applicants will be contacted back.