Short Term Visas may be obtained for tourism purposes for almost all countries of the world and the process of applying for them is not very complexed. The mandatory requirements for this visa are:

  • having a purpose of visit,
  • showing preparation of visit (such as hotel booking, travel arrangements etc,
  • showing financial ability and
  • showing ties with the home country.

However, there still are some countries (such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Major European Countries) whose assessment criteria for this visa category is not simple and preparation for visa application for these countries has to go beyond the mere requirements mentioned above. Interested applicants are therefore advised to seek proper consultation from our expert team to know the level of consideration for this visa for these countries. This will include assessment of applicant’s circumstances as suitable for this visa and checking the availability of required documents that may be important for submission. Without good preparation, if a tourist visa is filed for any of these countries, the chances are that there may be a refusal.

The expert advisers of MIS-Legal can be approached for detailed advice and assistance with this visa application. We may be approached via email on or through the below Free Online Assessment Form.