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We understand that both buying and selling a property can be a stressful experience, even more so if you are trying to do both simultaneously.

Fahad Bashir

I belong to service industry and know the basics of this type of business. I am also able to assess the expertise of service providers and had many funny experiences before. Upon approaching this organization, the first thing I liked was the completeness and clarity of information and this made me believe in the professional command and skillfulness of MIS-Legal Team. My experience with this firm went wonderfully well and I got the immigrant visa that I was seeking. Thank you MIS-Legal!!!

Ali Shahidi

I found this firm topping in Google Search for immigration lawyers and contacted here for exploring immigration options. It was the time when I had been disappointed from various other consultants because each of them was telling me that I did not have an immigration case. However, upon the very first discussion with the Immigration Lawyer here, I was surprised to see a simple and straightforward pathway for myself and was wondering why the others were refusing me. IT was later on realized that MIS-Legal is the only platform where experts sit with thorough knowledge and experience over immigration categories and it is their personal in-depth research over each case that brings about solutions for even impossible cases. I am thankful to the Almighty to have come under the consultation of these experts because the immigration benefit I am enjoying today was once a dream only!!

Rabia Aslam

It was a tough moment of time when I contacted this firm as I had recently faced a refusal on my application. However, the way the Immigration Lawyer of this firm guided me through the situation and straightened out the reasons of refusal to me, the whole case started to look a piece of cake. This level of judgement and care-taking was so remarkable that even before registering with this firm, I had started to get confidence on my case. The end result came obviously in my favor and I decided to make this firm our family immigration law advisers. I am now happily settled abroad and should anyone ever ask me for a reference, I shall none other than MIS-Legal.

Tariq Nehal Ghory

A small firm that acts big!!
Where professional attitude and commitment is the standard of this firm, MIS-Legal also takes things personally. One may feel free to express their immigration problem to these experts and they bring out the right solution within no time. I was impressed by the individual attention given to my application and the personal input involved from the senior adviser on my application.

The Charges

You will have a dedicated member of the team who will work with you throughout the whole process.

They will make sure that everything is explained to you in plain English so that you fully understand every step along the way. They will also act on your behalf throughout the process whether it’s dealing with:

  • Estate Agents,
  • the other party’s Conveyancer,
  • surveyors,
  • mortgage lenders
  • or anyone else who needs to be involved.

The Result

We understand that both buying and selling a property can be a stressful experience, even more so if you are trying to do both simultaneously. Solicitor and Solicitor have a number of highly experienced Conveyancers who can support you through your move.

Solicitor and Solicitor are an established firm of solicitors that was started in 1959 as a small family business. Since then the business has grown significantly, enabling us to offer a wide range of services, while hopefully still maintaining the personal touch that the company was originally founded on.

We Are Here to Provide Legal Help

We have over 30 years of consultancy experience in business, real estate, criminal and general practice law and we strive to deliver.