Scholarship for foreign education is a dream of every genuine student who cannot afford to pay for expensive study-abroad options. MIS-Legal has put up best efforts in collecting Scholarship Award options for our clients. This opportunity, however, is available for Postgraduate (or higher) students only and we do not consider diploma/undergraduate study seekers here. Interested student should understand that since this is somewhat a free study opportunity, it requires very highly promising and the brightest students to apply for it. They applicant is therefore expected to have achieved very high scores in their previous study programs and must also have a smart intended study plan i.e. leading towards a remarkable career. Our policy for advice on this opportunity is therefore limited to those students who we consider eligible and having a possibly qualifying profile. We welcome student to submit their profiles to us via email or by completing our Free Online Assessment Form. It is also important to note here that upon receiving the student’s profile, it will require us at least 3 working days to consider it and only qualifying students will be contacted back.

Alternatively, interested students can book our charged consultation to meet and immediately discuss this opportunity with our expert team member. Request for charged appointment can also be sent to us via email of

MIS-Legal may not have direct representation from the institutions offering Scholarship but as an independent foreign education adviser, we can refer students to these institutions. This activity includes our substantial background research over these institutions and the courses offered there. We also have a deep study done over the eligibility requirements (academic, financial, language etc) and can guide the clients appropriately.

To the students’ benefit, there’ll remarkable ease and time saving in exploring these options and be guided to enter upon the process without a flaw. MIS-Legal expert team is always available to be contacted for initial or detailed assistance with the above programs.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.