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If you have been refused for a visa/immigration/sponsorship or if you need help and advice on issues relating to visa refusals, appeals, hearings etc, contact our immigration law specialists. If you have been deported or banned in a country and there’s official legal procedure available to clear you from the deportation or ban, we are available to help whether or not we dealt with your original application.

It is important that you seek expert legal advice as soon as you receive a refusal, as there are important time limits that you should be aware of. Once you’ve got in touch, we will examine your case and indicate the possibility of obtaining a review of a decision, or of appealing, and the likelihood of success. We will also set out the alternatives that might be available. If you do decide to visa refusal appeal, we will help you carefully prepare your case and guide you through what can sometimes be a complex process.

For further information contact our best visa refusal lawyer consultant on or complete our below enquiry for . We will take some initial details about your case, and tell you immediately whether we may be able to help or if you may be better advised seeking alternative advice. If we believe that we can be of assistance, we will offer a more detailed consultation, at which point we will tell you where you stand legally, explain your rights and obligations and suggest what you should do next.